Soother Quilt Block

Is there a new baby in the (extended) family or your circle of close friends? Or do you make charity quilts for young families?

I have the perfect quilt block for you!

This month's theme for Quilt Block Mania was All Things Baby, so I designed this Soother quilt block. Or do you call it a pacifier? Or a dummy? There are so many words for this little thing, let me know in the comments what it's called in your part of the world.

Soother FPP quilt block pattern by Penny Spool Quilts

The Soother quilt block is an easy intermediate pattern, and totally suitable for adventurous beginners as well.

And it pairs well with the Wooden Toy Blocks pattern for a perfect little baby quilt!

Choosing Colours

To give you some colour inspiration, I've tried out a few colour schemes you might like to consider.

Soother FPP quilt block pattern by Penny Spool Quilts - digital mockup in blue and purple

Feel free to make the ring and straight piece the same colour like I did in my sample, or use different colours for a bit of extra interest, like these mockups show.

Soother FPP quilt block pattern by Penny Spool Quilts - digital mockup in pink on grey

You know those candy "diamond rings" that look like giant soothers? Why not use this pattern in a candy quilt and make a candy ring instead of a pacifier? Pair it with the Swirly Lollipop and maybe some of the Ice Cream Sunday blocks, and you have the start of a sweet candy quilt!

Soother FPP quilt block pattern by Penny Spool Quilts - digital mockup in pink and yellow

Soother FPP quilt block pattern by Penny Spool Quilts - digital mockup in blue and orange

I can just imagine the brightly stained pink or blue tongues these candies would cause :-)

Foundation paper piecing

The Soother quilt block is a foundation paper pieced pattern that's suitable for advanced beginners. If you're new to foundation paper piecing and want to give it a go, I wrote an FPP tutorial for the Clover blog to help you get started with this fun technique. It's a full photo tutorial and comes with a free, simple pine tree block to make.

If you've done FPP in the past but maybe just need to gain a little more quilty confidence, I have a few patterns in the shop that make perfect starter blocks to warm up with before diving into some of the more complicated blocks. Check out the Twisted Log Cabin, Popsicle, and Ice Cream Bar blocks to dip your toes in, or the Festive Forest table runner.

Get the free* block

The Soother quilt block is now available in the pattern shop.


*Quilt Block Mania blocks are free to download for the duration of the month they were designed for. After that, they are available in the pattern shop.

Don't forget to check out all the other Baby blocks this month and join us in the Facebook group!

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  • Love this Soother Quilt Block tutorial! The step-by-step instructions are clear and easy to follow, making it perfect for quilters of all skill levels. The finished block is simply charming, and I can’t wait to incorporate it into my next quilting project

  • In our family, these are “binkies”, or even just “binks” for short. I can remember other families calling them “paccies” (pronounced “passies”, short for “pacifiers”) back when I was younger, but at some point, binky just took over in our world.

    Beth T.
  • this is wonderful. thanks.

    Lori Smanski
  • I have been trying to request the “soother” block and not getting it. Am I doing something wrong?

    Please help,


  • I’ve heard them called a binkie or a pacifier.


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