Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a  list of pattern errors?

All pattern corrections can be found here.

Where can I buy a pattern I saw?

Most of my patterns are available as PDF downloads in my pattern shop. Some magazine or book patterns are only available in those publications, and the links to where you can purchase those will be in their respective blog posts.

Can I buy a paper pattern?

I am currently working on reformatting some of my patterns so they can be sold as printed booklets. I will update the website and send out a newsletter once they are available.

Can I buy patterns wholesale?

I am currently working on reformatting some of my pattern so they can be sold as printed booklets. I will update the website when they are available. If you are a quilt shop and interested in purchasing paper patterns for your shop, please fill in the form here.

The pattern is foundation paper pieced (FPP), how can I piece it traditionally?

FPP patterns are written differently from traditionally pieced patterns and generally can't just be converted. I use FPP both to give me the flexibility in designing patterns that can't be (easily) done using traditional piecing techniques, as well as for precision. Because of that, FPP patterns are meant to be done by FPP, and traditional patterns are done traditionally. Some FPP block patterns also come in traditionally pieced variants, in which case they will be linked in the shop. If there is no traditionally pieced option available, it can't be done.

How much fabric is needed for the block patterns?

Like most other designers' FPP patterns, all my individual block patterns are designed to be made with scraps. As such, they don't contain any fabric requirements or cutting lists like a full quilt pattern would.

One of the upsides of FPP is that it doesn't require accurately cut shapes, so I  just go through my scraps to find a piece that is large enough for the segment I'm sewing, and trim afterwards. Or cut a bit off a fat quarter and do the same.

The largest amount needed is always the background, and a fat quarter will be sufficient (and probably leave you with plenty left over).

Will you resize a quilt pattern for me? How much fabric do I need to make a quilt pattern in a different size? 

No, and it depends. All quilt patterns sold in my shop have available sizes listed in the description and can't be altered on demand. It takes months of work to design, write and test a pattern, and I don't have the time to adjust existing patterns as a one-off. If there is a size you think I should consider offering in future patterns, please let me know and I will take it into consideration.

However, there are a few different ways you can change the size of a quilt if the available sizes don't work for your project. Consider adding or removing rows from the top or bottom, or add or remove rows from the sides. You can also add borders to make a quilt larger, or to make a square quilt into a rectangle.

Since there are so many different ways to change the sizes, it's not possible for me to tell you how much fabric you will need to make any given size. This is where the staff at your local quilt shop excel, though, and they will be happy to help you figure out what you'll need in order to make the quilt exactly the size you want.