Pattern Corrections

All my patterns are tested and read by multiple people, but mistakes can still sneak in. If you see a mistake, please let me know and I will add it here and update the pattern. Just email me at

Twisted Log Cabin (FPP):

  • The pattern was updated on May 12, 2023. This update is purely cosmetic.

Swirly Lollipop (FPP):

  • The pattern was updated on June 5, 2023. This update is purely cosmetic.

Canadian Diamonds:

  • Under the header "Piecing" , the first sentence "Note: the first measurement is...." can be ignored. It snuck in there from a pattern that has both baby and throw quilt sizes. This pattern comes only in one size. (applies to patterns purchased before July 6, 2019)

Rainbow Star

  • The pattern was updated on May 23, 2023. In addition to cosmetic changes, this update contains some instructions rewritten for clarity, as well as an updated assembly diagram and colouring diagrams that are no longer mirror images (in line with all the other FPP block patterns). 
  • On the colouring diagram, the labels for the sections H and I, as well as Q and P, are reversed compared to the pieces to be cut out. It is only the labelling that's mixed up, the pieces themselves are fine. You may want to re-label the colouring diagram by hand to match up with the cut-out sections. (applies to patterns purchased before Aug 13, 2019)

Flocks of Colour:

  • The pattern was re-released on June 5, 2023. The pattern has been completely rewritten to include more quilt sizes and colouring options, as well as bonus content. If you have the original and need to re-download it, please contact me. Due to the complete overhaul of the pattern, I'm unable to provide the new version as a free update.

Scrappy Apple (printable tutorial):

  • September 6, 2023: The fabric requirements for the tree version have been updated. Sections E & F were incorrect, and there was a typo in the instructions for the pumpkin version.