Pattern Corrections

All my patterns are tested and read by multiple people, but mistakes can still sneak in. If you see a mistake, please let me know and I will add it here. Just email me at

Canadian Diamonds:

  • Under the header "Piecing" , the first sentence "Note: the first measurement is...." can be ignored. It snuck in there from a pattern that has both baby and throw quilt sizes. This pattern comes only in one size. (applies to patterns purchased before July 6, 2019)

Rainbow Star

  • On the colouring diagram, the labels for the sections H and I, as well as Q and P, are reversed compared to the pieces to be cut out. It is only the labelling that's mixed up, the pieces themselves are fine. You may want to re-label the colouring diagram by hand to match up with the cut-out sections. (applies to patterns purchased before Aug 13, 2019)