Tulip Quilt Block

Spring is coming in the northern hemisphere, although while some people are already posting pictures of their spring flowers, we still have a couple of feet of snow in the yard and temperatures below freezing.

But that's not stopping me from dreaming of spring and my own flower beds, and recreating that spring garden feeling with fabric.

Tulip FPP quilt block pattern by Penny  Spool Quilts - sample in orange on white background

Quilt Block Mania this month is all about flowers, too, so I thought I'd design you a tulip for your own bouquet of spring flowers.

Tulips are some of my favourite flowers, especially when planted in large patches. They look a bit lonely just by themselves, but so stunning in large flower beds. Have you ever had the chance to see the tulip fields in the Netherlands? I got a chance to go to Keukenhof once before we moved to Canada, and it was just stunning.


Ottawa has a big tulip festival every year as well and I love seeing the big colourful flowerbeds full of tulips in the parks downtown. 

Tulip FPP Quilt Block

The Tulip quilt block is a very simple foundation paper pieced block. It's great for beginners as well, who may only have a couple of blocks under their belt, and is perfect for trying out some patterned fabrics as well thanks to the large pieces.

There are lots of colouring options, from my own orange and yellow sample up above to this pink mockup, and everything in between.

Tulip FPP quilt block pattern by Penny spool quilts - digital mockup in pinks on white

But instead of giving you a bunch of digital mockups, I thought I'd share some posters of real tulips for your inspiration. I can't wait to see which varieties you'll recreate!

Tulip varieties poster

Tulip varieties poster

The Tulip FPP Quilt Block is now available in the pattern shop.



*Quilt Block Mania blocks are free to download for the duration of the month they were designed for. After that, they are available in the pattern shop.

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  • Hi Debee – the link is fixed now!

    Monika - Penny Spool Quilts
  • Hi Monika
    Thank you for this pretty block. Just a heads up that the link for block – Flower Shop – is not working. Have also tried the link from other contributors but I am making an assumption the contributor list was perhaps copied and pasted with the original faulty link. Not sure who the co-ordinator of QBM is to notify them, could you please pass on this message. Thank you

    Debbee - Aus
  • Thanks for giving us this fun block and the poster of all the different tulips. I love all the colors and shapes of the tulips that I see in my neighbors’ gardens and think it would be fun to have a cheery quilt with all different colored tulips for Spring.

    Alice Gatto
  • thank you for sharing. this is a fun and pretty block. I love my tulips. I have never been where they are grown like the above picture. I can only think how beautiful. and there must be a lot of gardeners taking care of places like this. I know how they multiply under ground


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