Spool Quilt Block

I can't believe I have "spool" in my business name but have never designed a spool quilt block yet. It's high time to remedy that!

Thanks to Quilt Block Mania, we get a fun collection of quilting-themed blocks this month, and I have finally added the elusive spool to the lineup.

Yellow Thread Spool FPP quilt block by Penny Spool Quilts

The Spool FPP quilt block is a super simple one that can be customized to fit your favourite brand of thread, vintage spool, or just coloured just about however you like. It doesn't even have to be realistic... rainbows anyone? :-)

Rainbow Thread Spool FPP quilt block by Penny Spool Quilts

Foundation paper piecing

The Spool quilt block is a foundation paper pieced pattern that's suitable for beginners. The pattern itself doesn't explain the technique, though, so if you're new to foundation paper piecing and want to give it a go, I wrote an FPP tutorial for the Clover blog to help you get started with this fun technique. It's a full photo tutorial and comes with a free, simple pine tree block to make.

If you've done FPP in the past but maybe just want to gain a little more quilty confidence, I have a few patterns in the shop that make perfect starter blocks to warm up with before diving into some of the more complicated blocks. Check out the Twisted Log Cabin, Popsicle, and Ice Cream Bar blocks to dip your toes in, or the Festive Forest table runner.

Spool of Thread FPP quilt block pattern by Penny Spool Quilts - blue thread on orange spool

Resizing the quilt block

The pattern includes full size templates for a 12" x 12" quilt block. If you'd like to make it in a different size, pop over to this tutorial where I teach you how to do that easily on your own printer or on a photocopier. 

Spool of Thread FPP quilt block pattern by Penny Spool Quilts - pink thread on wooden spool

Get the Spool block

The Spool quilt block is now available in the pattern shop. 


*Quilt Block Mania blocks are free to download for the duration of the month they were designed for. After that, they are available in the pattern shop

Don't forget to check out all the other quilting-themed blocks this month!

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  • Hi Debra, thanks for the heads up, I will let the organizer know. There is also a Facebook group for Quilt Block Mania where you may be able to tag the designers directly if you notice a missing or incorrect link.

    Monika | Penny Spool Quilts
  • I have signed up for the block as well, but it has not arrived in my mail or my spam. Can you help? thamk you.

    Alys Walker
  • Thank you for your contribution to Block Mania I do enjoy looking at the blocks & appreciate the generosity of the creators for providing the blocks for free. Not sure who is the organiser of QBM to reach out to them to advise that two of the links do not work; Sue’s Quilt Shop by the Quilted Diary & Happy Hours at Chickenscratch. Would you mind passing this message on please as I am sure many folk will be frustrated by the broken links and express that displeasure at the wrong person. Thank You.

  • I have signed up for the block early this morning but still nothing shows up in my email. this has happened before

    Sharron Walker
  • What, no seam ripper 🙃
    Love the spool, can’t wait to make it.


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