Solitaire Quilt Block

Welcome back for another month of Quilt Block Mania!

February is all about love, so we're going with a wedding theme for all the free* blocks this month. My contribution is the Solitaire quilt block, a foundation paper pieced gemstone that can be used for lots of different occasions and projects. It would obviously be perfect on a wedding quilt, but works just as well on a pillow, tote, or wallhanging. Or how about using birthstone colours?

I couldn't decide whether to go with a turquoise gemstone for my Solitaire quilt block sample, or a pink one, so I made both.

solitaire fpp quilt block sample in turquoise on white background

Solitaire FPP quilt block pattern by Penny Spool Quilts - sample in pinks on white background

Of course, the sky is pretty much the limit in terms of colour options here. Here are a few Solitaire quilt block mockups to help fuel your imagination.

Solitaire FPP quilt block by Penny Spool Quilts - in green emerald on white background

You can recreate real gemstones with either solids or print fabrics. Check out this blog post where I've listed Kona colour combinations for all the birthstones.

Solitaire FPP quilt block by Penny Spool Quilts - in pale blue, pale green and pink on yellow background

Here's an option for a multi-coloured Solitaire version that has no equivalent in nature. But your imagination is your only limitation, so why not just pick your favourite colour combo?

Solitaire FPP quilt block by Penny Spool Quilts - yellow gemstone on dark navy background

And if you want to make the Solitaire gemstones sparkle, swap the white background for a dark one to make the gemstone pop and really stand out.

The Solitaire quilt block is perfect for confident beginners or intermediate quilters. It's made up of only four parts to assemble and there are no small fiddly pieces to worry about, but I would recommend you have some FPP experience before tackling this one nonetheless.

If you are new to foundation paper piecing, I wrote an FPP tutorial for the Clover blog to help you get started with the technique. It's a full photo tutorial and comes with a free pine tree block to get you started.

If you just need to gain a little more quilty confidence, I have a few patterns in the shop that make perfect starter blocks to warm up with before diving in to the more complicated blocks. Check out the Twisted Log Cabin, Popsicle, and Ice Cream Bar blocks to dip your toes in, or the Festive Forest table runner.

The Solitaire quilt block has one slightly tricky spot where all the facets meet at the center of the gemstone, but I've included a couple of tips in the pattern for how to make this less of a problem. If you still find yourself with a big lump there that is hard to iron, place your block between two pieces of batting on the floor, then use a mallet to give it a few gentle whacks to flatten it. It's sounds a bit crude, but works surprisingly well. 

Oh, and not to forget... how about a rainbow version?

Solitaire FPP quilt block pattern by Penny Spool Quilts - gemstone in rainbow on white background

The Quilt Block Mania blocks are free during the month they were designed for. The Solitaire quilt block pattern will be available in the pattern shop shortly.

get the pattern button - link to the penny spool quilts pattern shop

Don't forget to check out all the other block designs this month!

quilt block mania february 2022 image of all 16 free blocks on pink background

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*Quilt Block Mania blocks are free to download for the duration of the month they were designed for. After that, they are available in the pattern shop.


  • Thank you – love all the variations.

  • these are lovely. I love the rainbow one. thanks for sharing and inspiring.

    Lori Smanski

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