Scrappy Apple Quilt Block With Variations

Grab your scrap basket and an afternoon for this little scrap busting apple quilt block.

This pattern was first written in the fall of 2021 for a tutorial on the Clover blog. The full tutorial includes instructions for making the apple block, quilting, and finishing it as a zippered pillow.

I've since made a pumpkin version of it as well, and turned it into a tree, so it was time they got their own blog post here. Plus, this tutorial is now available as a Printable Tutorial in the pattern shop as well.

Scrappy Apple quilt block

The original version of the pattern, and the one featured on the Clover blog. This is a simple, traditionally pieced quilt block that finishes at 20" x 20", which makes the perfect size for a throw pillow or table topper.

Scrappy Apple quilt block pattern by Penny Spool Quilts - pillow outdoors on a chair featuring red scrappy apple with brown stem and green leaf

This pattern is perfect for busting through some of the scraps in your scrap basket, and won't take more than an afternoon to complete. All you need is a selection of red fabrics, and one fabric each for the stem and leaf, and some background of your choice. 

If you precut your scraps, this is the perfect pattern to use up some of your homemade mini charm squares. And if you don't precut yet, check out this post on why I think it's a fabulous idea.

The tutorial lists all the steps right on the website to make the block, as well as quilting tips and instructions to make the zippered pillow. If you prefer to have a printable version of the pattern, a Printable Tutorial is now available in the pattern shop. It includes instructions for the pumpkin and tree variations below as well.

Scrappy Pumpkin quilt block variation

This pattern is very easy to adapt and tweak to make different fruits or vegetables. I made this pumpkin version of it just by switching the colour to orange and skipping the leaf. With an added row of squares this could easily become a plum (use blue or purple fabrics) or a peach, and making the stem longer could even turn this into a cherry. I might even try a tomato, although that would require some redesigning of the stem portion.

Scrappy Apple quilt block pattern by Penny Spool Quilts - quilted table topper featuring scrappy orange pumpkin on linen background

This pumpkin version is the same size as the pillow, but finished with binding to make a fall-themed table topper.

Scrappy Tree quilt block variation

How about turning the block upside down to create a tree? I've lengthened and widened the stem to work with the proportions of the top, but otherwise the block is the exact same. 

Scrappy Apple quilt block pattern by Penny Spool Quilts - design concept with scrappy apple block turned upside down to make a tree in fall colours

And of course you can easily change the colours here, too, along with the changing seasons.

Scrappy Apple quilt block pattern by Penny Spool Quilts - apple turned upside down to make a tree

Downloadable tutorial

All the steps to making the original apple block are on the Clover blog right here, but if you prefer to have a printable version of the apple block, a Printable Tutorial is now available in my pattern shop. It also includes instructions for the Pumpkin and Tree variations.


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  • I ADORE fall and fall patterns. Looking forward to making your pumpkin pattern👍👍

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