Line Dance Quilt Pattern

Line Dance is a a fun, modern quilt pattern that's loosely based on a greek meander pattern. Ribbons of fabric appear to loop in and out of each other, creating a complex-looking quilt that is much easier to make than it looks. Which is exactly how I like my quilts.

This pattern was originally written for Love Patchwork & Quilting, and published there in issue 101. It even made the cover! This link takes you to my original Line Dance blog post, with lots more photos of the sample quilt.

Line Dance is now available as a standalone pattern in the pattern shop as both a PDF downloadable version, and a printed pattern.

Line Dance Sizes

The quilt pattern in the magazine has just the one size I made for the sample quilt, but now that it is out as a standalone, there are 4 size options:

  • Baby 36" x 36"
  • Small Throw 54" x 72"
  • Large Throw (the magazine version) 72" x 72" 
  • Twin 72" x 90"

The baby size uses just four blocks to make one complete loop:

Since the small throw is a rectangle, there are a few incomplete loops, but that also opens up some fun colouring options:

The large throw is the version I made as a sample for the magazine. This one is square again, and has a complete loop in each corner:

And the twin size is a rectangular quilt again:

Since this is a block-based quilt, you could easily add more blocks to make the quilt larger if you wanted to make a Queen or even King size quilt.

Line Dance Colour Options

The Line Dance quilt pattern comes with instructions for three colouring options: a two-tone version, a completely scrappy version, or a version where each four-block loop is made with a single fabric. 

The two-tone option is shown in the mockups above. Simply choose two colours for the ribbons, plus a background.

The scrappy option uses a different fabric for each "circle" in each block. That is the option I used for the sample quilt, although I did make use each fabric for two blocks. However, to make it as scrappy-looking as possible, I made sure to not pair the same two fabrics in each block.

The third option is to use a single fabric for each four-block loop. 

For more inspiration, I've put together a blog post with lots of different colouring options.

Intermediate Pattern

While the Line Dance quilt pattern is much easier to make than it looks, I wouldn't recommend it for a new quilter. It's suitable for adventurous, more advanced beginners, or intermediate quilters.

The easiest version to make is the two-tone, since all the blocks are the same. The scrappy version and the colour-coordinated loops require a bit more experience, or it might become a frustrating rather than confidence-building project.

Get the Line Dance quilt pattern in the pattern shop!

Line Dance Quilt-Along

If you'd like to make the Line Dance quilt but would prefer some support while making it, or simply the fun of a community making the same project, I will be hosting a quilt-along this summer! It starts June 24th, 2024, and will be a relaxed 8 weeks to a finished quilt top.

To find out more and sign up, click here!


  • Hi Leona, the quilt-along is in the works, and more information will be coming out shortly. I’ve adjusted the dates slightly, so it will run from June 24th to August 17th. Keep an eye on your inbox for more details, and I will also update this post once I have more of the details.

    Monika | Penny Spool Quilts
  • Is there any further information on the Line Dance quilt-along beginning June 17??


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