Line Dance - Variations

The Line Dance quilt pattern is a fun and modern quilt pattern that looks more complicated than it is. It features ribbons of fabric that appear to be looping in and out of each other and comes with 4 sizes and 3 colour versions.

To give you some inspiration for your own Line Dance quilt, I've put together this post of digital mockups in various colours.

Line Dance Quilt Color Options

The versions in the pattern are:

  • Two-tone, where you choose two colours for the ribbons, plus a background.
  • Four-block loops. This option gives you full loops of the same fabric.
  • Scrappy - each block uses different fabrics, or different fabric combinations.

Each version has a different effect on the overall look of the quilt, so it might be hard to choose just one ;-)

Regardless of which option you choose, making sure that the two ribbon colours contrast in some way is important to get the looping and intertwining effect. Whether you pick dark vs. light, two colour families, neutral vs. colour, or any other contrasting option, this is what gives the full effect.

Two-tone version

When I designed the Line Dance quilt pattern, I played around with a lot of different colour options. The way the loops intertwine and connect with each other give this quilt pattern a lot of options to play with. The simplest version is to choose two colours for the lines, plus a background. Use one colour for the complete loops (yellow below), and a second colour for the remaining ones. This puts the emphasis on the complete loops.

Here are some baby size mockups:


Because the baby quilt uses only four blocks, there are actually two ways to lay them out. With the centered loop like the one above...

...or without connecting in the middle.

These baby quilts also show how you can use a light vs. a dark shade of the same colour and still get the intertwined look. And the same goes for this blue large throw.

And of course there's no need to stick to white backgrounds. Here's a large throw using white as one of the ribbons, and a dark background to contrast.

The two square options (baby and large throw) tend to draw the eye to the completed loops (the yellow ones in the image above, for example) because all the other ones, with the exception of the center loop, are incomplete. So the colour you choose for the complete loops looks like the main colour, with the other ribbon colour being more of an accent. 

However, when doing one of the rectangular sizes (small throw or twin), this effect doesn't come through as much because both colours have incomplete loops. So for these sizes, both ribbon fabrics are more equal in the overall look of the quilt.

And of course they don't need to be in solids only. Here are a couple with current and upcoming fabric collections. The first one is Figo's Thicket and Bramble, the second one is Thrift Shop, also by Figo Fabrics.

Four-block loops

This option makes four blocks from the same fabric, to create one continuous loop of a single fabric.

In these versions, I kept to the same colour families for the two ribbon colours (peach and grey / peach and purple / pink and light blue) but used different shades of the same colours to make each individual loop stand out a bit more.

This version doesn't only work on the square sizes, though, but the arrangement of the complete loops can be varied.


As a crossover version between the two-tone and the four-loop one, I really love these ombre versions. The incomplete loops around the edge form the first "layer", the four corner loops the second layer and the center loop is the third layer. By choosing three shades of the same colour, you can really add a feeling of depth that way. 

Since this is a block based quilt, it is very easy to just make more blocks to make the quilt larger. Here's a king size version to show off the ombre even more.

Scrappy Line Dance quilts

The scrappy version is the one I think is the most fun to put together. Definitely use the colouring sheets to keep track of which fabric goes in which block, because it can get a little tricky.

Here are some mockups using current and upcoming fabric collections.

This is Andover's Indigo and Cheddar II

Another one in Figo's Thrift Shop.

Libs Elliot's Glaze II

And of course my cover quilt, using Figo's Prickly Pear collection.

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