Facets - the pillow version

Of course, I had to make a pillow for the new Facets quilt pattern, too.
This modern, beginner-friendly gemstone pattern is perfect for using up some coordinating scraps to make a pillow cover. It's quick, fun and a simple but bold pattern with plenty of wow factor.
The Facets quilt pattern is available in the pattern shop.
https://www.pennyspoolquilts.com/products/facets-pdf-quilt-pattern-pdf easy gemstone quilt pattern for beginners
Facets quilt_pillow_Monika Henry_Penny Spool Quilts_

This was another scrap buster and took four 5" squares of blue Konas from my scrap bin and all the smaller bits of white Kona I had set aside as not big enough for the last few projects, but not small enough to cut into squares and stash away with the other scraps.

Facets quilt_pillow_Monika Henry_Penny Spool Quilts_

Cats are so helpful ;-)

Facets quilt_pillow_Monika Henry_Penny Spool Quilts_ marking quilt pattern with hera marker

To quilt this one, I decided on a simple crosshatch pattern of straight lines that would underline the simplicity of this pattern but add enough "oomph" to do a gemstone justice.
Marking all the lines with a Hera marker and ruler before quilting doesn't only help to keep you on the straight and narrow, so to speak, but really helps to visualize what the quilting will look like. And if you don't like it, just iron it out and start again.

Facets quilt_pillow_Monika Henry_Penny Spool Quilts_

I'm going to let you in on a little secret here... I have a slightly irrational fear of zippers. Or rather, a healthy dose of respect, and I tend to shy away from anything that requires a zipper. I have sewn in a multitude of zippers, in pillows, dresses, skirts, pants... even invisible ones, but for some odd reason, my knee-jerk reaction is still to avoid having to put one in. So this pillow was going to just have an envelope back. Tuck in a flap and be done. Luckily, I found the perfect backing fabric for this one but didn't have enough of it to make the envelope, so I bit the bullet and bought a zipper. Boy, am I glad I did! I love how it looks, that it's neat and tidy front and back, and I am actually a little proud of myself for having managed to add that zipper in one go, without the need for the seam ripper ;-)

Facets quilt_pillow_Monika Henry_Penny Spool Quilts_ adding a zipper to a quilted pillow

If you have a similar issue, I have added a tutorial on sewing a zipper into a pillow case, since this blog post first came out. I hope it helps you, zippers really are not as scary as they look.


Facets quilt_pillow_Monika Henry_Penny Spool Quilts_easy gemstone quilt pattern

Fabrics: Kona Solids scraps in Indigo, Nightfall, Windsor and Grapemist for the gemstone and Kona white for the background

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