Jellybean Row Quilt Block

We're taking a stroll through the neighbourhood this month at Quilt Block Mania. If you'd like to take a fun selfie on our walk, why not stop in front of these colourful houses?

 Jellybean Row Quilt Block by Penny Spool Quilts - colourful houses quilt block

This quilt block is named after downtown St. John's, Newfoundland, where the houses' bright colours earned them the nickname Jellybean Row. A visit to Newfoundland is on my must-do list, so I'm hoping to see the Jellybean Row (and all the other sights this beautiful province has to offer) for real very soon.

Jellybean Row, St. John's, Newfoundland

Colourful row houses are not just a sight to see in the Canadian Maritimes, though, but can be found throughout the world, from Scandinavia to South Africa, Italy to Thailand, and pretty much everywhere in between. I've always loved the cheerful look of them, and if you've been around here for a bit, you know I love bright, fun colours for just about anything, not least quilts.

Jellybean Row Colour Inspiration

This quilt block pattern is perfect for playing with colour to make this street as fun and bright as you like. Instead of recolouring my digital mockup, though, I thought I'd give you some real-life inspiration from around the world.

Colourful houses in Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

Nyhavn, Denmark

Nyhavn, Denmark

 Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya, Thailand

FPP and Traditional Piecing

Jellybean Row is an FPP quilt block pattern that will also be available as a traditionally pieced block once this pattern moves to the shop at the end of the month. It's suitable for confident beginners, since it does come with rather a lot of pieces, but none are difficult to sew.

Jellybean Row FPP Quilt Block Pattern - quilt block with three staggered row houses in blue, yellow and pink

If you are new to foundation paper piecing and want to give it a go, I wrote an FPP tutorial for the Clover blog to help you get started with the technique. It's a full photo tutorial and comes with a free, simple pine tree block to get you started.

If you just need to gain a little more quilty confidence, I have a few patterns in the shop that make perfect starter blocks to warm up with before diving into the more complicated blocks. Check out the Twisted Log Cabin, Popsicle, and Ice Cream Bar blocks to dip your toes in, or the Festive Forest table runner.

Using the Jellybean Row Quilt Block

This block is a fun one to use just by itself, but it can also be used staggered to make an entire colourful neighbourhood. The blocks are offset by 2.5 inches, which makes the road line up and keeps the staggered roof line going. Just add extra strips to the sky or the road to extend them across multiple blocks. Since the pattern is meant for scraps, more houses means a more cheerful look.

Whether you make a single row to use as a table runner...

Jellybean Row FPP Quilt Block Pattern - table runner option

... or make an entire colourful town for a full quilt, you can let your imagination run wild and use up all your colourful scraps.

Jellybean Row FPP Quilt Block Pattern - square quilt option

Get the block

The Jellybean Row quilt block pattern is now available in the pattern shop.


*Quilt Block Mania blocks are free to download for the duration of the month they were designed for. After that, they are available in the pattern shop.

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  • Thanks Monika!

    Cathie Jungling
  • Hi Cathie, I would suggest adding a wide strip of extra sky and/or road fabric to the finished blocks, with room for trimming. Then sew the blocks together so that the houses match up and then trim the entire row to fit the table runner size you had in mind. The one I show in the blog post, with the pink border, uses 3 blocks and measures 17″ × 36″ inside the border. So you would add 5" of extra sky or road to the outside blocks (or split that amount between both for the middle block). I hope this helps.

    Monika | Penny Spool Quilts
  • My sisters were in St Johns in June and loved the colorful jelly bean houses. Saw this patter and had to try it. I received your pattern and it’s my first attempt at paper piecing. I want to make a table runner with 6 or 8 houses. Any suggestions on how to sew more in a row Suggestions on making road and sky to fit! I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.

    Cathie Jungling
  • Hi: I filled in the form to have the Jellybean Row QBM block for April sent and have not received an email with the pattern. I checked SPAM and it is not there. Please help. June

  • I have signed up many many times to receive the April QBM Jellybean block . I have not received it yet. I came upon this posting just a few minutes ago. I had almost given up on getting the block. Could you please send it to me? Thanks.


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