Spinning Top Tester Quilts

I was lucky enough to work with an awesome group of pattern testers again to develop the Spinning Top pattern.

One of my favourite things about writing patterns is seeing what others make with them, and seeing the tester quilts is always a special moment.

Have a look through these pictures and get inspired for your own quilt.

spinning top quilt pattern by penny spool quilts, sample quilt in purple, aqua and peach on black background

Throw by Colette

Pillow by Heather

spinning top quilt pattern by penny spool quilts, pillow size sample with pink,blue aqua and orange stripes on black background, shown at the beach

Pillow by Mercedes

spinning top quilt pattern by penny spool quilts, baby and pillow size samples in yellow, orange, red, green and blue ombre fabrics on black background

Baby quilt and pillow by Kimya (Kimya used the leftovers from the baby quilt to make the matching pillow)

spinning top baby quilt shown in front of sign that says greetings from sunny yuma

Baby quilt by Kristen 


Baby quilt and matching pillow by Stacey. Check out Stacey's blog post about her creation of this quilt.


Two pillows by Viky


Baby quilt by Steffi

The Spinning Top pattern is available in my shop.

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