Line Dance SAL Week 3 - Cutting & Organizing Part 2

Cutting and sorting ribbon fabrics last week was a bit tricky, so this week we're keeping things nice and simple.

It's time to cut out the background fabric. 

Since the background fabric is the same for every block, it's a simple process:

  1. Cut all the pieces according to the cutting chart.
  2. Label them following the chart on page 5.
  3. Put what is needed for a single block on each paper plate. 

Or, if you're making the two-colour version, you don't even need to sort them into blocks, just put half of them with your stack for Block A, and the other half with your stack for Block B.

And that's it already! 

Next week, we'll start putting together the blocks. If you'd like, cut out extra fabric for 1 each of Block A and Block B to use for a test block for each one. Matching test blocks would be perfect, because a little birdie told me there might be a bonus tutorial coming a bit later for what to make with the two blocks... ;-)

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