Quilty Gift Guide

Do you need a fun gift for your quilty BFF? Or maybe some ideas to pass on to whoever fills your stocking?

There are plenty of gift guides out there that list new quilting books, fabrics, rulers and other notions, so I wanted to create a gift guide with more unusual and fun quilt-related gifts.

I love gift-giving and trying to find that perfect gift for a special person. But I also know that non-quilters have a hard time knowing what to get the quilter in their life. My family have all got to the point of just asking each other for wish lists. So if yours is the same, here’s a fun quilty gift guide to share for the holidays.

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Spread Happiness

Send a little happy with these fun sewing-related or quilt pattern-inspired greeting cards. Or give a package of cards so your favourite quilter can spread the joy.

These sewing themed postcards from The Crafty Nomad are perfect year-round.


These Retro Christmas Tree cards are based on my Festive Forest quilt pattern. What better way to send some Christmas cheer this year ;-)


This Mayday Quilt pattern card is a full quilt pattern on a blank-inside greeting card.


How awesome is this card?


Can you read this one without singing the line from the song?  ;-)



Quilty things for everyday life

Need some more quilty goodness in your daily life? I found some beautiful and some fun gift ideas.


Wouldn’t your coffee or tea taste that much better in this awesome mug? The design is the iconic Geometric Sewing machine by Kristy of QuietPlay


The perfect t-shirt for quilters ;-)
Make sure you check out some of Rona’s other designs, too



The folks over at Maker Valley have a bunch of fun t-shirts as well. I’ve got my eye on the #QuiltNerd one.


Do you know someone who needs more rainbows in their life? My Rainbow Star design is available on this awesome wall clock, and a bunch of other goods as well. Again, this one is based on one of my patterns, the Rainbow Star FPP block.


Quilty pencils by Bonnie Hunter, with fun quotes.


And some quilty gel pens with fun toppers.


I just love this pottery Christmas ornament. Our tree is a hodgepodge of collected ornaments, one of these would fit in just perfectly.


And if you wanted to make your own ornament for your loved ones, check out this tutorial for miniature quilt ornaments


Quilty Helpers

This category, I think, is pretty self-explanatory. Pretty little gadgets and gizmos to make your quilter’s sewing experience more fun.

Glitter vinyl storage pouches from Sarah Ashford are the perfect place to keep your works in progress.


Do you EPP? These hexie shaped storage containers look like a fun addition to a sewing kit. And who doesn’t love a hexie?


I was gifted a Binding Baby a few years ago, and I love it. It keeps your binding neatly stored, and unrolls it without making a mess or dragging it on the floor when you attach it. Mine is a regular “little girl” but I just loved this reindeer one when I saw it!


If you haven’t heard of Sew fine thread gloss, you need to check them out right now. Jenn makes the best ( and best smelling!) thread conditioner out there. And she’s local to me, so chances are good I’ve probably met the bees that produce the wax going into the cute tins  ;-)


Did you grow up with slap bracelets? I did, and they were the most coveted item for a while. I kind of miss them. These Maker’s Keep slap bracelets have a magnet attached to hold your needle or pins, or keep your tools corralled in your sewing bag. And apparently they can do a whole lot of other jobs, too.


We can keep those rotary blades closed and pins in the tin, but we’re bound to get the occasional occupational injury. I’m sure patching yourself up with one of these quilty bandaids must make it hurt less.


Stickers and Enamel Pins

Stickers and enamel pins are so popular at the moment, I briefly considered giving them their own blog post. But in the interest of keeping things together, they just get their own category. Click the pictures to be taken to the various websites.

from Quilty Love
from Ric Rac Sews
from Maker Valley


For the most special of quilty friends

I know I said it would all be fun little gifts, but I do have to include a few slightly bigger ideas because they are awesome ;-)

Make Modern was the first magazine I had a pattern published in. Over the years they’ve published a few of mine and they’re awesome to work with. It’s my favourite magazine because it’s always chock-full of great patterns, interviews, tutorials… and it’s never late and can be sent virtually anywhere in the world because it’s digital! You can get single issues, 6 months or 12 month subscriptions – it’s the perfect “gift that keeps on giving”.


A quilt planner. There are many great planners out there, some with calendars and some without, downloadable pages you print yourself or beautifully bound books. I really love Plan to Quilt which I reviewed here (there’s also a coupon code for 10% off at the bottom of that post). Keeping my projects organized is important because I’m not a one-quilt-at-a-time maker, and I love being able to look back on quilts I’ve made and read the notes about them again.


And for one more gift that keeps on giving, a Quilty Box subscription would be perfect. It comes with premium fabric, supplies, three patterns and a magazine. And each month’s box is curated by top designers, bloggers, and artists from around the world. That one is actually on my own wishlist, too ;-) 


Craftsy is back again, too, so why not give your quilter the chance to improve their skills, or maybe learn a whole new one?


And of course, a gift card to a local or online independent quilt shop is always appreciated!


I hope this gives you some fun fresh ideas for the quilters in your life. And maybe you’ve bookmarked some things for yourself, too. If you have any more ideas, feel free to add them in the comments!


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